Investors, now you can work with lenders and real estate agents

on individual mortgages, matching properties with specific buyers. Provide unique rate packages that give consumers unprecedented choice while ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Investors, open your free ATS Individual account and join the future of home buying.

We are onboarding lenders, title agents and now realtors who want to make home buying more secure, easy and transparent. Invite your preferred title agents, lenders and other partners to the ATS Secured platform and start building your network.

Transparent loan creation from a consensus ledger for a quick, collaborative mortgage process.

• Match buyers with the right properties, and offer custom rate packages.
• Transactions indemnified through Lloyd’s of London.
• Verified end-to-end payment tracking.
• Track loans from start to finish and know exactly what you’re buying.

Collaborate with your trusted network

• Every account holder on the ATS Secured Network has been verified, so transactions are secure and insured
• Create custom loan offerings for individual buyers, and detailed home appraisal data.
• Work with buyers and lenders from pre-qualification through post-closing and shipping.

Protection in the new regulatory environment

• All parties vetted and verified
• State-of-the-art security features provide protections throughout the process.
• Insurances arranged through Lloyd’s of London ensure protection against fraud at the closing table.
• Audit logs and digital tracking ensure a compliant loan — protecting your investment.