Gain speed and accuracy with ONE platform for every step in the mortgage process.
  • Verified Vendor Network

    Manage vendors right from your ATS account. Customize risk tiers and schedule alerts for vendors to upload new credentials.

  • Track Mortgage Process in Real Time

    Instantly auditable – proving regulatory compliance, mitigating fraud and adding value to the secondary market.

  • Transparent, error-free data

    Every person and business is verified. Integration with your current software (if needed).

  • Exchange, Sign & Store Docs

    Give permissions to edit, view or digitally sign. See changes in real time. Signor identities are fully verified. Central hub for mortgage documents.

  • Reduce Your Costs & Closing Times

    Eliminate redundancies. Less data entry, real-time updates for all parties, and streamlined consensus on data.

  • Easy, Direct Payments & Insured Disbursements

    Send and receive payments (digital check, ACH or wire) right from your ATS Secured account. Indemnified disbursements. E-filings.