Trusted Finance Network

The Rise of the Trusted Financial Network

Do you trust who you do business with? How about who they do…
TRID best practices

Best Practices for Navigating TRID and Vendor Management

ATS Secured hosted a webinar yesterday called, "Navigating TRID…
Rules for vendors

Where is the Line for Prescribing Vendor Practices?

Guiding vendor practices can be a tricky business. You want to…

Cybersecurity Myth #1: We’re Too Small, Hackers Won’t Bother With Us

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Lender vendors

Are Lenders’ Vendors Subject to NPPI Rules?

This question was posed to Ben Olson, former Deputy Assistant…
Vendor Management

Vendor Risk Management: Do It Right, Do It Often

Vendors have always represented one of the highest risks to…
Client management

Client Management 101: Mistakes Are Inevitable. Own Them.

Customer satisfaction isn’t rocket science, it’s a practice—one…
Vendor risk

Avoid the Domino Effect in Vendor Risk Management

Many vendor management systems focus on stopping the last few…
Vendor risk

Vendor Risk Management: When It’s Done Right, It’s Never Done

ABA Banking Journal The recent mortgage foreclosure crisis…
Verified network

How a Vetted and Verified Network Will Change the Financial Industry

Financial institutions should take a cue from ancient Rome’s…