Eclosings for homebuyers

Empower Homebuyers With E-Closings

The CFPB recently published an article about their pilot study regarding…
TRID buyback risk

TRID Buyback Risk: Involve Investors Early

ATS Secured hosted a webinar today, “TRID Buyback Risk: Involve…
TRID liability

Don't Run Away From TRID

Many in the mortgage industry believe that TRID poses a serious…

Tech Lessons From a Robin: Danger Can Be Difficult to See Online

There’s a robin living outside my office window that won’t…
Mortgage banking software

Own Your Online Identity

No one should have the keys to your information—except for…
online data ownership

You Don’t Own Your Data

By: Lifehacker  “You may have privacy laws protecting you…
Consumer data

White House Proposes Broad Consumer Data Privacy Bill

By: New York Times  “Some prominent legislators and privacy…
Data ownership

Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense

By: TechCrunch  “That [evidence] suggests that businesses…
Planning mortgage

Plan Your Mortgage Like You'd Plan a Wedding

Many girls dream about their wedding for years, sometimes decades…
Planning mortgage

Webinar: TRID Buyback Risk - Involve Investors Early

With the TRID implementation date quickly approaching and…