Mortgage security

Death of a Password

If your password has the word monkey in it, it is very likely…
counter party credit risk

Counter Party Credit Risk: Follow the Money

A term that is starting to be mentioned with greater frequency…
Smart home tech

Is Your Home Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?

Food is cooked without touching the stove. Machines control the…
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It's Only Wednesday in the CFPB Timeline

A recent article in American Banker stated that because of the…
Mortgage compliance software

Bridging the Gap in Operational Risk Management

Picture a bridge. Whether it is the Golden Gate Bridge or a bridge…
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Halting the Offense Cycle and Instigating Positive Change

As much as we'd like to, we can't control how others treat us.…
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The Best Way to Rob a Bank Part 2: Double Selling

In the middle ages, marauding bandits could pillage a town at…
Mortgage bank

Harnessing the Power of Entertainment

Piano Stairs Fun It's Monday morning, you just got off the subway…
Procrastinate CFPB compliance

Procrastinating CFPB Compliance Will Cost You

We've all been there. Procrastination is like that term paper…
Mortgage closing software

The Elephant in the Room: Mortgage Closing

Preparing a HUD for closing in the current mortgage process is…